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Thomas Kinkade with Gallery Owners Sal Catalfumo and John Vassallo


Thomas Kinkade sketching what became The Spirit of New York


Thomas Kinkade photographing the Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty for future reference

Welcome to Thomas Kinkade Gallery of New Jersey!

Thomas Kinkade brings beauty into the world. At our gallery, you’ll find the one of the largest selections of Limited Edition Thomas Kinkade canvases in the world. We guarantee you’ll find what you are looking for, even if you are seeking just the right Thomas Kinkade prints or Thomas Kinkade gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.

The New Jersey Thomas Kinkade Gallery has a large selection of Thomas Kinkade limited edition art and Thomas Kinkade gifts such as home décor, puzzles, coasters and of course, nightlights. We carry Thomas Kinkade Christmas Collectibles such as snowmen, ornaments, angels, trees and much, much more.

Our gallery have received the highest customer service rankings in the Thomas Kinkade family of galleries. The staff at the New Jersey Signature Thomas Kinkade Gallery have been confirmed as some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Not only do we receive special attention from the Thomas Kinkade Company including highlighting, signatures, but we are proud to host some amazing events featuring Thomas Kinkade Master Highlighters, and Patrick Kinkade, Ph.D. brother of Thomas Kinkade and the official ambassador for The Thomas Kinkade Company.

Our Story

John Vassallo –
Owner & Operator

Sal Catalfumo –
Owner & Operator

Andrew Lardaro –
Director of Operations

The owners and managers of the New Jersey Thomas Kinkade Gallery go way back- in fact, back to childhood. Like a story from one of Thomas Kinkade’s books, John Vassallo and Sal Catalfumo grew up together in Brooklyn, New York…not all that far from their current gallery.

Boat-NYC-July-17-2005-09As they began to ask what they’d like to do with their lives, it became clear to John that he wanted to open a fine art gallery. So, at the wise old age of twenty-four, John opened his first art gallery in Rye, New York. The more John learned about the art business, the more he shared with his clientele, and the bigger his business grew. In 1999 John asked Sal to partner with him in a new gallery planned to open in Stamford Connecticut. Sal agreed and a great partnership was formed based on a great friendship.

The following year, John and Sal opened a third gallery in The Westchester Mall in White Plains, New York. With the opening of this gallery in White Plains, New York, John and Sal asked another close friend, Andrew Lardaro to be a part of the team. Andrew, like John and Sal grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, John and Andrew grew up right next door to each other. Andrew’s task at hand was to oversee each gallery’s day-to-day operations. Andrew is instrumental in the success of our gallery in New Jersey.

Finding such a great need for Thomas Kinkade art in the New York, New Jersey area, in 2001 John and Sal opened another new Thomas Kinkade art gallery in the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York. Although the gallery’s opening was ill fated, slated to open three days after the 9/11 tragedy, the West Nyack Thomas Kinkade Gallery weathered the aftermath of 9/11 and continues to serve the greater West Nyack area.

Finding more and more Thomas Kinkade collectors in New Jersey, John and Sal continued on to open two more galleries- one in the Paramus Park Mall in Paramus New Jersey (2002) and later in Bridgewater Commons in Bridgewater, New Jersey (2010).

Sal says, “Where did the time go…. How lucky we all are to be working in a place where we get to talk to people all day long and watch people’s excitement when they see Thom’s art for the first time.”

After 20 years, the three boys from Brooklyn are as inspired as ever. John says, “It’s not everyday you could go to work and love what you do. I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world.”

On a personal note, the passing of Thomas Kinkade, on April 6,2012 hit John and Sal hard. They were fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with Thom. They lost a friend whom they admired, adored and respected greatly. In 2006, John and Sal spent the day on a private boat ride around Manhattan with Thom his wife Nanette, and their four daughters, Merrit, Chandler, Windsor and Everett. It was on that boat ride where the idea of The Spirit of New York came to fruition. You can see the photos of that day on this site. It is a day John and Sal will never forget.

Come in and say “hi” and meet the three life long friends who truly love what they do. John, Sal and Andrew welcome first time and veteran collectors alike into their Thomas Kinkade Gallery. They find it a great joy to share the art, the message and the light of Thomas Kinkade.

Unfortunately because of COVID they had to close some of their galleries. They are still located in the Paramus Park Mall and they could service any new or existing clients through their website or gallery.


Thom and Nanette Kinkade with Gallery Owners Sal Catalfumo and John Vassallo showing a new painting in 2006


Thomas Kinkade sketching what became The Spirit of New York


Thomas Kinkade with Gallery Owners Sal Catalfumo and John Vassallo in 2008