Black Bear Bedlam



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I sincerely love using mountain vistas and remote countryside as inspiration and backdrop for my oil compositions. I also truly enjoy rendering the wildlife and crazy critters that live in these rustic areas as characters in these visual stories. In Black Bear Bedlam: Mountain Mischief II, I try to capture both the warm invite of a rustic home and the zany antics of the bears who have happened upon it. In the distance, the owner approaches as a mother bear tries to calm a gathering of cubs; each of which clearly has their own agenda for the day’s fun. Two climb trees and tempt fate with their explorations of the limbs above, while others investigate the trappings of the cabin’s human residents. Smaller animals hide from the chaos or scamper away, hoping to avoid the consequence of any impending disaster. In all, I can think of no better way to describe this imaginary “wildlife” moment than to call it, Black Bear Bedlam. I hope you have found joy in your visit to this beautiful place and home to both man and menagerie. And, as always, I want to thank you for sharing my adventure in art.

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Zac Kinkade

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