Buy Genuine Thomas Kinkade



Thomas Kinkade Galleries of New York and New Jersey are proud to sell Authentic Thomas Kinkade art.

Thomas Kinkade was a tremendously prolific and popular artist; in fact, until his passing, he was the most collected living artist of our time. Thom not only loved painting, but he loved all forms of art as well as the artistic process.

In the beginning, when Thom first started to reproduce his original paintings, he took great care to ensure the highest quality limited editions available.  Always looking to improve, he constantly found new ways to offer awe-inspiring, beautiful, and time-tested works of art that would be handed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

Invest in the story of your future with an Authentic Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition. Because Thomas Kinkade is so popular and his works are highly collectible, low quality copies and imitations of Thom’s works can be found, but only an Authentic Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition will withstand the test of time and captivate your family for years to come.

At Thomas Kinkade Galleries of New York and New Jersey you can be sure each piece is genuine, carefully crafted in the United States and inspected before it reaches you to guarantee ultimate quality. We are honored to be your gallery of choice!